Using the technology of Intraoral Scanners, orthodontists can more accurately and efficiently fabricate clear aligners, custom braces, indirect-bonding trays, and laboratory appliances without the unpleasant experience of conventional impressions.

Impression taking can sometimes heighten anxiety and discomfort for patients of all ages, particularly those with sensitive gag reflexes. In vitro studies have shown that full-arch digital scans are as accurate as conventional impressions,3 without these drawbacks.

For the orthodontist, advantages of digital scanning include improved diagnosis and treatment planning, increased case acceptance, faster records submission to laboratories and insurance providers, fewer retakes, reduced chair time, standardization of office procedures, reduced storage requirements, faster laboratory return, improved appliance accuracy and the potential of reduced treatment times. Benefits to the patient include an improved case presentation and a better orthodontic experience with more comfort and less anxiety, reduced chair time, and easier refabrication of lost or broken appliances, as well as potentially reduced treatment time.