Invisalign for Teens

You’ve heard of Invisalign, and chances are, you have some questions. 

What is Invisalign? How does it differ from traditional metal braces? Is it more expensive? 

At Backus Orthodontics of Hoover, we hear these sorts of questions all the time. That’s why we’ve asked Dr. Jeff to sit down with us and review some of the most frequently asked questions about Invisalign for Teens. We’ve compiled some great info below, so let’s get started! 

Invisalign: What is it, Anyway? 

Invisalign is one of the most exciting developments in orthodontic treatment. Bottom line – your teeth get the absolute best possible care, all without the need for braces! Instead, you’ll receive a set of clear aligning trays custom-molded to your oral profile. Over time, the gentle pressure of the Invisalign system brings them into their ideal configuration.

Since the trays are clear plastic, they’re nearly undetectable. That means you could have friends already undergoing orthodontic care with Invisalign, and you’d never know it. Not only that, but since the trays are removable, you don’t have to worry about limiting your diet due to cleanup concerns since you can simply snap them out during meal or snack time. 

A low profile and more freedom to eat and play what you want are a few great advantages of Invisalign. Another is overall ease of use. Especially when it comes time to brush and floss. When it comes time to clean up, you can brush and floss your teeth just as you usually would, without all the hassle of working around the apparatus involved with traditional braces. 

Utilizing the cutting-edge in orthodontic technology, your or your teens’ tooth and jaw profile are scanned in minute detail via the patented iTero Element Scanner. That means no more gloopy impressions kits or waiting hours for them to set! 

How long will treatment take? 

Invisalign is just as efficient as traditional metal or ceramic braces. That means that a typical course of Invisalign care is no longer than it would take with all that added equipment. More or less, you will wear your Invisalign trays for roughly 12-15 months.

Do I have an impact on my overall treatment time? 

Yes! Your overall course of treatment will largely depend on the degree to which you or your teen complies with the instructions delivered by Dr. Backus regarding care and proper use of your aligners. That means 

  • wearing your Invisalign trays for 22 hours every day 
  • brushing and flossing regularly 
  • Cleaning your Invisalign aligners (no sweat! Just brush them alongside your teeth. For an extra clean, you’ll want to soak them in a special cleaning solution once or twice every week or so. 
  • If you lose or break your current trays, be sure to replace them with an emergency visit. 
  • Never skip one of your regularly-scheduled appointments with Dr. Backus

 Provided you follow these and whatever other recommendations Dr. Backus and the team here at Backus Orthodontics have, you’ll finish your Invisalign treatment in the shortest possible time. That means you have the opportunity to play an active role in the course of your care. 

Invisalign for Teens

Ideal for Parents On-the-Go  

Invisalign for Teens treatment is perfect for busy parents since it won’t be necessary to bring your teen into our Hoover offices to repair broken brackets or other emergency visits related to complicated equipment. Your teen will need fewer appointments than traditional metal braces since you’ll receive each set in advance, which means a lot less time in the chair. 

In fact, just about the only change to your responsibilities regarding your teen’s treatment that isn’t a huge win is the increased role of compliance. That is, it will be vital that you ensure your teen is keeping track of their Invisalign trays, as well as wearing them for the recommended 22 hours a day. Other than that, every change from traditional metal braces to Invisalign means less hassle for busy parents! 

The typical Invisalign for Teens patient sees Dr. Jeff Backus once every eight weeks. That’s a significant improvement over the twice-monthly course of appointments that’s typical of traditional metal braces. 

Perfect for Active Lifestyles 

Do you play sports? Do you love crunchy foods? Do you play a wind instrument that requires precise mouth positioning, such as the oboe, french horn, or saxophone? 

Well then, you’re in luck! Invisalign is perfect for active teens and teens who enjoy a little crunch in their diet, as the ability to remove your trays when necessary means they won’t get in the way of the sports you love to play, the food you love to eat, and the music that makes life unique! 

Here at Backus Orthodontics, we know that there are a lot of activities that make your teen years unique, and there’s no reason why you should have to miss out just because you want the best possible version of your smile. Invisalign for Teens ensures that you receive the best orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth, uneven spacing, and bite issues.

When it comes to sports and music, traditional metal braces can sometimes present some new challenges. It can be difficult to perform at your best while adapting to new metal brackets and wires in your mouth! Luckily, the precise, comfortable technology of Invisalign affords you the freedom you need to perform at the highest levels. 

How much am I spending? 

With all these great advantages to Invisalign for your teen, you might be thinking that the price would be similarly out-of-this-world. 

No way! At Backus Orthodontics, we know that every family is unique, and we work hard to develop customized financial solutions to keep everyone smiling. When it comes to Invisalign, the cost is generally comparable to traditional braces, and your insurance should cover it, as well. 

The cost should never be a bar to unlocking your child’s best smile, and we’re dedicated to working with families to ensure it never has to be. 

Invisalign for Teens

Why wait? Call today to schedule your free consultation! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Invisalign for Teens with us here at Backus Orthodontics. We know that when it comes to your teen’s care, you want only the best. That’s why we’re proud to offer exciting developments in treatment like Invisalign for Teens. 

So if you’re in Hoover, Alabama or the surroundings, come by and see us to schedule your teen’s free consult. Let’s find out if they’re right for Invisalign together!