Making the right choice

Fortunately in life we have choices. We are very lucky to have so many options to choose from in every aspect of our life. Sometimes choices are easy, some hard

Trick or Treat

October is the month of tricks and treats. It also happens to be Orthodontic Health Month. With that being said, you know that the two somewhat conflict each other. However,

Back to School          with braces

Ah, Back to School! The nostalgic smell of glue, crayons and new notebook paper. It’s amazing how it can instantly take you back to your childhood and remembering your elementary

Best of Hoover 2017

Why did WE receive the Hoover’s Best award? It is such an honor to receive this award for the 4th consecutive year. We take great pride in our work and feel

The Easter Bunny had braces once, too!

Did you know that when the Easter Bunny was just a young kitten, he had braces? (record scratch sound followed by crickets) So, I’m sure at this point you are

Like, GAG me!

Impressions that make you GAG! There are some things from your childhood you remember quite well. Like the quote when you were so cool and you wanted to show your

Charitable Donations Request Form

We at Backus Orthodontics, the office of Dr. Jeffrey Backus, are always excited to be a part of the lives of our patients, their families, and our community! We are